Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jinan University / Puli Winery / Carton King / Swiss Garden

Jinan University

After Breakfast at LeaLea Hotel in Sun Moon Lake we checked out and 
continued our adventure. Winding and turning the journey started to take
a toll on the ladies who sufffer from motion sickeness. 

Our program started with a visit to Jinan University. Again to our disappointment
there wasn't too cherry blossom trees in full glory because of the weather.

Well, we did what we could with the place trying to take a few shots here and there.
I decided to concentrate on close up with a few trees with some white coloured "mei hua"

I Love to Travel gives Jinan University  a ★★★Rating might get a higher rating
if the weather was better and the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Puli Winery 

We then visited the Puli Winery to get a history on the making of Wine in Taiwan.
It is more like a museum on wine making and a complex where you can try all 
kinds of Taiwanese made wine on the first level. There are also products that are 
blended with wine as well but have no alcohol content.  Quite an interesting venue
if you like drining booze at 11 am in them morning that is. 

Note: If you buy more it will be cheaper but if you buy one it will cost you more. Let me just 
give you a tip here when purchasing. It is a tourist place so everything is at least like if a
100 NT somwhere else will be 150 NT here so if you do not plan to buy more than 1 packet
just go buy some place else.

I Love to Travel gives Puli Winery a ★★★Rating

The Wine Tunnel on the second floor of the Museum

Cute Wine Jars - the kind you will find in Kung Fu Movies such as the Jacky Chan Movies.

There are many other things that are sold here in the complex that are not alcohol related 
as well so just wonder around and try all the tasters as much as you like.

This is very beautiful wine in it's exlcusive decanter.

Almost on the verge of turning into an alcoholic here. LOL!!!!!

Take a hold of some of the prices of some of these Chinese Wine in their intricate looking 

containers. The alcohol proof in percentage as well as also price in NT.

Restaurant With No English Name

As we ascend the weather started to get worst and the fog started to overwhelm us in
full force. We reached this restaurant where we had our lunch and the fog was
like we were on the top of Mount Everest. We were at an elevation of around 3,000 meters
when we visited the Starbucks to get our selves a coffee. Perhaps the highest
Starbuck cafe in Taiwan as I was told by Mark.

While everyone was clothed with thier warmers and cardigans, I was only in shorts
and my usual columbia shirt. 

The Rooftop view at the restaurant. Unfortunately for the weather it is hard to get 
a good photo with the sudden rain and fog being blown in just in seconds.

Here is shot i managed to get at the restaurant's rooftop just before the fog was blown in.

A special fish that we were served is a Sturgeon looking one.
Supposed to be a real delicacy in Taiwan the Sturgeon Arowana.

Sturgeon Fillet prepared in 3 Style Chinese Wine Style Sauce. 
( i do personally like fish but i must admist this is quite a good tasking fish )

I had my camera on a tripod and wanted to take this shot with our guide Mark in the
thick fog that has overwhelmed us in the winding mountain roads. 

Starbucks Cafe ( Highest in Taiwan )

After our lunch we headed to a Starbucks Cafe which we were told is the highest one in Taiwan.
Here we bought ourselves coffee of which we later drove for another 5 more minutes to a place
to see the Carton King Creativity Park and Swiss Garden. We sat at the open bistro before
entering the Swiss Garden Park. There was a fountain show but in my opinion pretty
pathetic and lame if you have seen other fountain water shows.  Nothing really much in the
Swiss Garden except of a lake with Mandarin Ducks, Goose, Pigeons that you can feed.

I Love to Travel with VideoCobra would give this place a ★★ star rating.

Chow Chow under the table relaxing and wnjoying whilst his master sips on 
his Double Coffee Latte. 

Carton King Entrance is at the same place where the Swiss Garden is.

The Entrance to the Swiss Garden which is the most pathetic park to visit IMO truly.

Entry into the Swiss Garden which i personally think is a waste of bloody time!! 

Feeding the Pigeons ( remember to wash your hands after this )

This is what I hate most when a place profits from just a few lack lustre attraction.
Just throw a few ducks, black swans and goose into a lake. 
Add a windmill that does not even turn and then call it the Swiss Garden.

If you a truly bored spend some more money as feed the pigeons, the ducks, 
the swans and the fishes as well. 

This place as you can see is so boring the guy fell deeply asleep in the FOG.

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