Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sleep With Me Patong Phuket

Sleep With Me Patong Phuket

Arriving from Khao Lak which took us about two hours, we finally arrived at our hotel
for the next three nights. Sleep With Me Hotel. A very new hotel and open only almost 
a year Sleep With Me is not only very strategically located in Patong.
A few minutes from JungCeylon Shopping Complex and also to Soi Bangra.

My very first impression of the hotel is as follows: PROS

  1. Great Location if you like to be where the action is.
  2. Resonably priced rooms with free WiFi.
  3. Ability to upgrade to faster internet if you want to upload or download but for extra fee
  4. A balcony for all rooms.
  5. Cute Boutique Decor with Stuffed Sheep 
  6. Clean Rooms and Mostly everything is new and high tech.
  7. Airconditioning not adjustable 
  8. The room are off good size for the price you pay per night.
  9. Good Service from Concierge to Reception.
  10. Breakfast is Okay and acceptable but not fantastic but again value for money.
  11. Strategically Located to massage outlets, food etc..
  12. Bathroom could have done with an extra light especially the shower area.
Unfortunately the hotel has also some setbacks : CONS

  1. Just way too many PRC Tourist 80% at least of the total occupancy.
  2. Wall between rooms a little thin so you can hear your neighbors.
  3. Not too many cable channels available on the Tevo.
  4. No chair for the study table which is a problem if you are on the PC alot.
  5. Noise Noise Noise from the corridors if you have Neighbors with Kids.
  6. Durians not allowed and there is also a fine which is a welcome relief
  7. Smoking will come right through the air-conditioning ducts even rooms are non smoking.
  8. Staff very inflexible. We left hotel at 6.15 am and breakfast hall open but they would not even allow us to  be served a coffee or tea and insisted only allowed breakfast to start at 6.30 am.
Conclusion: A hotel which I will say is value for money and like no other in 
the same vicinity. You can every strike a conversation by asking the receptionist

The LObbY AreA

The Bedroom with your very own Sheep Stuffed Bolsters

2 X Keycards for the elevators to floor access and also for the rooms electrcity supply

SWM Hotel even has it's own little cute bus all painted in RED.

The Hotel has two blocks. The one where the lobby is where the pool is situated
on the rooftop. 

Illuminated Room Numbers if there is somebody in the room.

MK Gold Restaurant

My favourite restaurant for Roasted Pork and Roasted Duck.

Montra Massage at Jung Ceylon

The Food Bazaar - Totally Renovated and New Decor

 Khao Kah Moo 

The Various Stalls

Duck Noodles Soup

Beef Noodle Mee Hoon Soup

Phad See Ew Kueh Teow

Dessert Ice Kachang with Mango Sauce

Prawns Grilled with Pepper and Garlic

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